Instrrument Envelopes Sync

Hi all there …
So recently I purchased renoise and I am getting the hang of it pretty well …
But there’ s one thing I don’t fully understand and thats the syncng of the envelopes …
I know that it is based on the tpl …ticks per line …So 6 would mean 6 tick per line …so if i set the envelope to loop mode and set it to 24…it loops one time per beat …There are 24 subdivisions( ticks) …at 6, 12 , 18 and 24 ( 6 tpl) But the last beat only has 5 subdivisions instead of 6!
The problem is that I have to set the looppointmarker to 23 instead of 24 ( if you count the divisions it will be 23…)
Strange …even stranger …when i render the selection to sample I get a slight offset per beat ( when I zoom in the rendered sample there are a few milliseconds delay …which increases per beat ) )although it loops perfectly …and at the end of the rendered sample is a verry small portion of the first step ( which I have to delete manually)
I hope I did make sense …Its a bit difficult to explain

about the 23 : that is because renoise starts almost everything related to numbers with zero. 0-23 -> 24 steps. Also the first line in a pattern is 00, the first step in the pattern-sequence is 0. If you come from a sequencer you will be used to the concept of everything starting with 1 so you might need to adapt to that.

about the other thing : dunno, sorry.

  1. 23 instead of 24:

this is because loops starts at position 0

  1. msecs of delay:

maybe you are using a VST effect which produces delay, such as a complex reverb? Plugin Delay Compensation is currently not supported in Renoise

Yeak I know that …But although it loops perfectly ,I still get a click when the pattern restarts …like I said …When rendered to sample …at the end of the loop there’s a small portion of the beginning …

The looppoint marker has to be set to 23 to get 24 because position 0 is the first position and not position 1 and if you count from 0 up to 23 you have raised 24 fingers in that time.
There is some overhead sampled along when render to sample is used just to give vsti’s with delay some headroom. This problem is ofcourse not relevant with ordinary samples so you get more sampled than when using VSTI’s.

looks like a missing Plugin Delay Compensation to me, since the looping is good and you seem to be using TPL 6, which should make the Renoise BPM value match with real BPM value exactly

nope No vst plugins …just a hand drawn saw wave …with loop markers in instrumenteditor …
Maybe the looppoints( in instrument editor ) aren’t made to be sample accurate ( seems like it ) …My hardware sampler has the same problem …loop gets out of sync ( but that’s a common problem with most hw samplers …so retriggering the sample on each beat solves the problem )
Just take the test for yourself …Draw a wave set looppoints …insert one note in pattern editor so it loops …then render selection to sample …and zoom in at th last portion of the sample …I dunno
Anyway …thanks …just a minor issue …I love the program …best 50 euro ever spend ( actually 65 …stupid VAT )

vV, how much headroom? A set amount of samples or based on something ?

gentleclockdivider : so all you need to do is trim that sample … delete the small gap in the front, set the snap to beats, drag a selection to the end and then just trim it … this should delete this “headroom” (which is actually a “tailroom”, lol) vV is talking about.

The problem only occurs when looping the amplitude envelope…so yeah I just trim the last portion of the sample …but there is still ( not audible ) a shift in timing per beat …verry small …only a few milliseconds …when rendered to sample …so the amploop envelopes aren’t sample accurate…and I don’t use any vst’s …just testing the loopenvelopes with a simple saw wave and no effects whatsover…verry strange indeed …