Instrument Envelopes (Question / Suggestion)

Hello, Renoise Team.
I would appreciate much if You advise me the way to solve my problem or I have a suggestion of the new feature if there is no way to manage it in current Renoise version.

How can I realize “offset envelope” of an instrument?
I mean, I have non-uniform sample (acid sound with full band beginning and hi\lowpassed tail) and I want it to play not linear but start with 00 Offset (09 Effect), then 20, 80, 40 and A0 offsets.

In Pattern Editor I do:
C-4 …0900
C-4 …0920
C-4 …0980
C-4 …0940
C-4 …09A0

How can I made some Envelope of this sample-play-orders to not write this 09-effects chain every time I need? Is there any instrument to do so?

My suggestion is to add some offset Envelope in Instrument Editor for this goals.

For Example:

  • Just like Volume or Panning envelopes it has its Field of adding points.
  • Axis X - its sample time (as Volume\Panning envelopes) (could be as Sample Editor with several variants of snapping: 09 Effects, Beats, MSeconds and so on)
  • Axis Y - from 00 to FF - its sample offset (could be as Sample Editor with several variants of snapping: 09 Effects, Beats, MSeconds and so on)
  • There is no cubic-linear curve - it could be looks like blocks sequence
  • Each block height is the order from which part of sample it will play.

This envelope could be useful for:

  • non-uniform samples (to make some interesting samples evolutions)
  • deep non-uniform samples (to make some rhythmic arpeggio-like sounds)
  • drum loops (to make dramatic different versions of loops, just as we can do with 09 Effect on Pattern Editor), it could even some kind of “drum list” of Offsets Envelopes - several MIDI-keys have each Offset Envelope, so one loop could be used for several kinds of rhythms.
  • some crazy soundings samples with random offset envelopes blocks :)

Thanx for attention. I would happy if this could be done already with some other way.

no, instrument envelopes can modulate filter (depends on filter: mostly freq/res), pan and pitch. but the pattern commands { e.g.(09xx) offset} arent accessible via other modulation methods.

Well, then maybe it will be even more global and useful to make Custom Envelope in Instrument Editor for any of suitable pattern commands:
e.g. pitch slides, surround width, retrigger, vibrato…