Instrument Envelopes Too Small

I don’t know if this is an idea, suggestion or whining but, after trying for a while to understand what the benefit is of making this very small edit window for the instrument envelopes… I just don’t know. I have thought for a long time that one of the greatest strengths of trackers is their awesome gazillion break point capable envelopes. But if you are trying to do something like gate patterns or arps with renoise, or even good old fake envelope reverb or delay… this is more difficult than it needs to be… and forget playing around near granular territory…

Why can’t they be the size of the keyzone edit pane? Adoration is deserved for all of renoise’s advances. But why drop a classic tracker super power along the way?

I agree that it sucks at the moment, automation, lfo window & instrument envelope editing is fiddly, but I bet they’re working on this for the next update.

I agree; perhaps a maximise button that just blows up the current view whilst you are editing it would be lovely <3

Lfo device, x/y control, automation graph, eq graph… pretty much everything in the lower frame is too small. T^T