Instrument Eq

I want an instrument specific EQ for quick-EQ’ing. Could be replaced with ability to bind effects to one instrument only. And possibility then maybe process them into the sample if sample is used.

Anyone else?

if you need a per-instrument effect basis, just use one track per instrument.

you will also see the benefits of this approach when rendering each track to a single WAV file.

Yeah I guess it will do the trick. I just like to put i.e. one drum set to one track to keep things more organized, it seems a bit of mess to have something like 10 channels for drums only. Then if I would have to I could compress one drum set with one compressor and apply some other effect than EQ or flanger into track and have them sound similar & stuff. Of course this could be done with a send track, but it’s pretty clumsy.

Or then I could just use external drum machine like battery… of course. Will have to check it out. More stuff always makes things more complex and less intuitive tho.