Instrument Filter Keytrack

How about keytracking to instrument filters?

see this thread.

what you are asking is just a side feature of a whole redesign of XRNI structure: since we already have the Key-tracking device, what is missing is the ability to parametrize XRNI properties, which should be feasible by letting them respond to MIDI messages.
This way, you would be able to interchange between MIDI, VST and XRNI instruments.

Maybe I’m an idiot, but is there a way to key track a filter so that it matches cutoff frequency to pitch perfectly? I want to be able to use a filter to perfectly track pitch (like a high pass with fundamental for a bass boost or a band pass with a lot of resonance on noise for a grating bell-like sound).

A lot of the keytracking seems to work for Ring Mod’s Notes to work perfectly in tune. If there’s not, can I ask that a mode for the filters be added that changes cutoff from frequency to notes (or something similar)?

I tried that and it DOES help, but the problem it’s using the old Filter 1 and Filter 2 effects and not the current Analog Filter and Digital Filter (they both have different frequency ranges). I’m taking what he did and trying to adapt it though! I thought I could use a formula to just … like … take the 0…1 and map that to midi notes 0…119 and map that to Hertz … but, it’s not quite so simple. Oh well, that project was a HUGE help in getting started on trying to figure it out!