Instrument Folder and Sample Folders

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, but this post has inspired me to dedicate a topic to it.
The feature is purely cosmetic - an organizational, workflow improvement in the UI. While I have an example for the instruments pane, the samples pane in the instrument editor would benefit greatly too (you can easily amass a hundred samples in a piano, violin, etc.).

In the same way that groups are used on tracks to improve managing similar instruments, we can improve the situation with these panes.

Key features:

  • completely optional
  • nameable
  • collapsible
  • transparent to the rest of renoise (the instruments keep their ids and the folder doesn’t have one)
  • playing indicator, would blip if any folder member does (not all that important)
  • nestable (would be great, but wouldn’t mind limitation of one level)


Instruments Pane:

Instruments Context Menu: