Instrument Folders / Trees

I don’t know about you, but when my projects get to a certain size it can be a pain to scroll around to find my samples and instruments. Expandable folders for the instruments panel would solve this problem really nicely I think.


I’ve been playing around with layering synths as well, and it can sound pretty amazing. Natively, Renoise can’t do this, but if we had this feature, playing a note on an instrument folder could play the note for all instruments in that group. (#00 in the picture.)

Combined with phrases, this would be really helpful. If you imagine having some drums, bass, etc. grouped into one folder, you could hit ‘C4’ to start the intro section, ‘D4’ to go into the verse, and so on. It would cut down on the number of tracks I’d use for sure. In general, I think it could help make Renoise much faster to use, and it would be great for live performance.