Instrument FX chain modulation

Hi guys,

In 3.0 you can attach FX chains to the instrument. But what I miss is a way to link them with instrument modulation. I whish I could pick any paramter of an instrument effect device to automate as instrument modulation. This way you don’t need anything, except pitch modulation, of the standard modulation parameters anymore as you can always automate (modulate) them as FX device parameters. For example cutoff and resonance can be modulated from any picked filter (instead of the arbitrary set of cutoff types from instrument modulation). This way you can also choose where to apply the instrument FX in the device FX chain, instead of the current way of arbitrary applying the FX at the beginning of the chain.


Not shure if i understand, but can’t you already do this with a key tracker and a custom LFO?
If you make the keytracker reset the custom LFO envelope everytime a note plays it will work exactly as the envelopes in the modulation part and can control any parameter you want.

some people just don’t get
Using the lfo ( set to custom env mop and retrigger ) as an env. is NOt the same …the lfo is monophonic …thus playing chords will NOT create virtual copies ('for every voice ) of your lfo/env …
All the envelopes in the instruments editor are polyphonic …this means for every key /note you press there is an envelope altough you only see 1 …it’s called polyphony .
The effects that are tied to the instruments are monophonic too , so in order to modulate these parameteres by the envelopes , the effetcs have to process on every single voice …meaning cpu armageddon

Ok, not exactly the same, but i can’t see how you can get polyphonic behaviour in one effect chain anyway, so my suggestion should work the way OP was asking.

You really know how to brighten up the day genitalcockreminder.

Why would your polyphonic cpu armageddon not happen when modulating already existing volume/panning/cutoff/resonance? Especially the filter cutoff modulation is already pretty much polyphonic DSP… My suggestion is to replace this hardcoded set of filters inside the modulation view with any parameter from the instrument FX chain.

Use case:
A Drum and Bass bass Instrument the “wobbler”. The wobbler contains a drawn sample and an instrument FX chain of a [distortion]->[chorus]->[HS-filter]->[reverb]
How cool would it be to control the HS-filter cutoff with instrument modulation, for example LFO + AHDSR?? Any variates to your wobble sound can be made by changing ADSR parameters with help of macro’s in the track automation.

  • 1 to being able to automate FX chain parameters like you can other parameters in the pattern editor (a standard feature in other DAWs).

It doesn’t make sense not to have this feature.