Instrument Grabber?how Do I Use

ok i dont have serioues time to spend untill tommorow
but how do i use the instrument grabber?? :rolleyes: :unsure: :wacko:

Rightclick your VST instrument, pick the render to instrument option.
Then select the range of notes you want to have sampled.
Important questions are
-How much time should be sampled? -> test first by narrowing the range from C-4 to C#4 -> makes rendering fast and you can tweak the sample length and loop option or trail option. Once you have this right, expand the note-range that you desire to have.
-Which instrument slot you want to use to store the samples into (by default in its own selected instrument slot which i personally would change to an empty instrument slot)
-if you want to have the plugin closed after rendering (i usually uncheck this box since i first have to test if the sample options turn out alright)
-delete samples in the target instrument:i keep it checked and select an empty instrument that i can keep experimenting with.

At least this is the checklist i follow.

thanks Vv :yeah: