Instrument Help Needed

OK so im loading in a few copies of the same break
Using generate drumkit and then using the sample editor to cut these to the sizes i want and all is good
How do i turn off key assign on the keyboard in the instrument editor thouh ?
I mean when im in the instrument editor and i want to change particular sample for editing it seems obvious that i would press the relevant key on the on screen keyboard
This however just maps the currently selcted sample to that key
When i have created a slice set like this i need to turn this off for quick editing

So how do i do it ?
I have read the manual but i’m probably being blind
Cheers for any help


You don’t, but why don’t you just press the relevant key on your keyboard?

It’s a missing feature.
Right now you have to use the mouse to navigate to the right sampleslot in the instrument list (press the slot or use the mousewheel).

This feature has been requested a few times, and I agree. One of the mousebuttons (or a mod+button) should select and play the sample (and also the same thing in sampleeditor, you can press a key and it will display the sample for that key.

Guess its just a per user thing ?
I was always a mouser even on my Amiga
I haven’t used trackers for years and i noticed Renoise was a little more mouse friendly
Oh well i guess it would be an FR then hahahahhaha
A switch to tunr off mapping :)


EDIT* On reflection as a new user this and not having the ability to quickly go through samples in the sample editor are two things that will rapidly put off new users
Having to keep moving the mouse up to the sample window to go through samples is no good at all
I expect there are key cuts but im a mouser and so are a lot of others

Didn’t FT have left mouse button for play sample and right mouse button for assign split? On the onscreen keyboard inside instrument editor.

Yep that would be very cool :)


indeed. I suggested before multiple times, for me it would be very handy if left-clicking a key on the virtual keyboard would select the sample in the sample box, while right-clicking the key would assign the current selected sample to the clicked key.

one day I will convince taktik about it :)

For me, this is expected behaviour (FT2). This is my biggest pet peeve about Renoise. (FEEL MY RAGE!!!)

A clickable keyboard should be playable. it’s the new user’s first instinct. Even old user’s like me are drawn to clicking on a keyboard to play it

Thats exactly the reason why left-clicks do not play the samples by default: Assume you dont know how all this instrument & split stuf works, then the first thing you try is clicking on the keyboard. If this now just plays back the sample, you’ll think that all you can do with this fancy piano is playing back samples ;)

OK, not a reason to not add a playback feature, but it should be on right clicks or mod clicks then…

As a user of just one day i have to agree that this is a needed feature
I use a lot of software and to be honest never ever dreamed i would ever use tracking again
I haven’t used it for something like 15 years hahahahahaha
Renoise is amazing but with a couple of these little ueability issues sorted it could well be the new big thing
I already have a few of my fellow Reaper users checking it out ;)