Instrument Lfo Delay

LFO delay for instrument LFOs that delay the kick-in of the low freq osc smoothly so that it fades in the longer the more of delay is applied.

examples of use:
Vibrato effect
Tremolo effect
Various effects

Would of course retrig for every noteon.

Some other suggestions regarding instrument LFOs that have already been suggested, but as a reminder for not to forget the pinned RNI future thread:
Multi/mono mode, multi affecting every note separately, single the whole output of an instrument.
Free/retrig mode for controlling if noteon restarts LFO cycle.
Amount/speed based on velocity. ( :ph34r: )
Single cycle switch?

+1 I’d file this under the new XRNI structure folder…

a BIG +1 :D

massive plus’s all round from this end

Well I would prefer to see this before Jesus’ second coming so maybe put it already in “old” structure?

e:Specified the expression.