Instrument List Expansion Button

This isn’t really a feature suggestion or an update to any of the new 2.7 features but I’d just like to see this little thingy and it shouldn’t be too hard to implement.

Basically a button that extends the sample list like when expanding the file-selector. I often have tons and tons of samples and it gets kinda hard to navigate through all of them in the tiny box. Quick mock-up in the pic there.

You can do a similar thing with the " more" button in your renoise browser, but + 1 for seperate sections.

I know, but that basically means I have to keep opening and closing it because the naturally the browser fills the whole screen, not very efficient. This way it can just stay wide open.

+1 billion

would love this


I like this idea too.

Oh gawd yesh

yeah I just think same thing. strongly +1

Sorry didnt see this topic, butt i think about this option too all the time, cos of like when resampling stuff i got 30 + samples and scrolling and trying to find the right one in small boxmakes me crazy :o