Instrument Loading Question

Hi Guys. Loveeeee Renoise!!

One gripe, however, is how long it takes to load in an instrument. (xrni). I am on a M1 MAX and loading instruments is painfully slow.

For example, Kontakt drum kit with 16 velocity layers, takes 2 seconds to load on my machine. But after I sample it into renoise, only 8 layers and smaller file size, now it takes 16 seconds to load!!! A 1gb+ piano in Sampletank, when resampled, now takes 18 seconds to load.

What’s extra bizarre is that they SAVE super fast!!! like virtually instantly. I just can’t get my head around it.

Is this the norm for everyone or just me? I wonder if Dev can speed this up in future versions. If it’s due to compression I would happily disable compression to speed up the sample loading time - as workflow is king and waiting for samples really messes with the creative flow. It also makes loading renoise projects back in veryyyy slow.