Instrument Macro control from LFO within instrument DSP chain

Absolutely loving 3.1 so far! Great improvements all round.

As the title says, it would be super powerful to allow Instrument Macros to be controlled from within an instrument’s own DSP chain.

A good example of usage for this would be to create a free-running pitch LFO on a sample instrument by linking a macro to the pitch of a modulation set.

Create Doofer - insert instr. macro device - save doofer
Insert this doofer into Fx Chain of instrument…

Here you go :slight_smile:

Oh, awesome. That works. :slight_smile:

Surely the instr. macro device should just be available within the instrument DSPs list, then?

Seems like it works without any problems if you ‘smuggle’ it in there via a doofer.

We don’t encourage this, as instruments conceptually should not automate themselves. This especially can be a problem when for example doing this in Redux: The host “owns” macro parameter automation then. When the instrument automates itself while also the host does/tries to automate, weird things will happen.

But if you nevertheless find that useful and know what you do then no one will stop you doing this…