Instrument Macros

Some old chip tune trackers (and Sidstation) provide instruments with internal patterns for making “macros”. These go by different names:

While these implementations are limited to a specific purpose due to hardware limitations, the general idea could be useful for more than chip tune effects. Any chance to see something like this in Renoise?

I’ve suggested this before. Nothing’s happened yet. It has more than chiptune applications.

It has been discussed for the new XRNI implementation which goes beyond just multilayering.
What you suggest there are indeed targeted towards chips that have filter, pulse and modulation features.
I have worked with assembly editors where you had to define pulse, filter and modulation tables as well as small sequences of waveforms.

In trackers i used the instrument envelopes to gain similar effects.
E.g.: You can arpeggiate (even though, point mode lacks in the envelope) using the pitch envelope in Renoise so can you also gain some nice specific effects using the filter envelopes which Renoise has.
If there would be a separate pitch device, you could create a script generator that outputs pattern effect commands and device chains that you can automate which would change all these effects dynamicly on the fly.

I have been playing with something in the alpha that might be interesting to toy around with as well in this regard but i’m not giving away any word about it.

Arpeggiating with an envelope, even if it does have point mode, is a pain in the neck compared to inputting notes. :) You also can’t use envelopes to change samples or affect many of the effect commands.

Looking forward to it!

Yups, awaiting the new XRNI structure myself… creating patterns inside instruments was on the idea-list.