Instrument Mods: Ability to control each other

Vol LFo

Example: LFO on left controls Attack of the AHDSR on the right which is a simple trick to humanize drum samples.

Currently you’ve got to go round the houses to do this:

  • Assign Attack to a macro (and don’t forget to type in the macro name!)
  • Go back to pattern DSP lane
  • Load up macro device
  • Load up LFO and route to macro device

Seems clunky for something very simple + you could get more creative in the modulation lane generally.

Clunky = enemy of creativity! :upside_down_face:


Thinking further on this, if you could target the bypass state of the other mod devices, you could use a stepper (or a few) to switch on and off other devices in sequence.

First note uses AHDSR 1, next note in pattern AHDSR 2 etc.

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