Instrument modulation: envelope device - different initial setting

I find envelope modulation in instrument tab little annoying.

Volume, pan, pitch, cutoff, resonance, drive have different initial setting.
For the first three it is more annoying cause you have some points that you might not want.
Cutoff, resonance and drive are ok because there is just one point but with different value for each.

I would prefer if envelope modulation would have just one point on 50% by default. Something like drive or cutoff envelope modulation device has.

Current behaviour doesnt make much sense imho.

It would be cool if you could save a default instrument, so its settings get used every time you create a new instrument.

You can always save your own default and load it… but configuring a default would be helpful for things like “render to sample”

Please, do something about it. I hate inconsistency ;))