Instrument Name, After Loading Different Instrument

This has been kinda bugging me since during the beta releases.
In some ways I can understand a reasoning for it, but in other ways it just seems wrong.


Go to instruments directory.
load an instrument. (it shows fine)
load another instrument into the same instrument slot to overwrite the previous instrument.

Now this is where it seems wrong,
the instrument name in the sample instrument slot is the previously loaded instrument.
The sample slot however, does show the new instrument’s sample names name.

Is it suppose to be like this?

Both Instrument and individual Sample slot names update when I load an Instrument over a previously loaded one.

WinXP SP3 Renoise2.5RC2.

Or am I misunderstanding you?

Thanks kazakore, you are right, It is working now. :) I re-opened the file I saved last night with RC2 just now, (b8>>RC2) and it updated the instrument name properly.


It’s happening again, I have it reproducible this time, it looks like this:

Load an instrument like those in the instruments folder.
Now load a sample into that instrument slot, and there it is.
It doesn’t overwrite the instrument, but overwrites the 1st sample (00) in the previously loaded instrument.

This is just because dragging a new sample to an empty slot creates a new instrument, and by default new instruments are named after the first sample slot.

The second sample you dragged there updated an already existing instrument without creating a new one.

The current behavior is desired, in my opinion, because there will be times when you want to change the contents of the first sample slot without changing the instrument name.

Agree with Fullofkittens.

No dragging involved in the aforementioned actions I posted.

I can kind of understand the reason for it, but why only sample slot 00?

This doesn’t make sense to me.

Because it’s the one that’s selected (coloured background)?

So, I guess this is a feature.
Good Job!