Instrument plugin menu instantly disappears when I open it

Sometimes when I open the instrument plugin menu in renoise (linux 64-bit, on the fluxbox DE if that matters) the menu instantly disappears again as soon as I click it. Restarting renoise fixes the problem but then it randomly seems to happen again. Here’s a video capture: bug

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open the instrument plugin insert menu

Expected behavior

Menu stays open

Actual behavior

Menu closes quickly (see video)

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It must be a fluxbox problem, if you search the forum there were other issues with fluxbox but you could try and go to the settings of your distro and change some windows settings even disable/change any compositor or windows manager.What is your distro?

I’m on arch linux. I’d be confused if this is a fluxbox issue - I don’t have this problem in any program other than renoise.

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Try reinstalling and be sure to have the latest version.I am on manjaro and i also have mx linux and solus,no problems what so ever with Renoise it must have something to do with fluxbox.Maybe there is a scaling issue with your monitor what is your resolution?In the preferences in Renoise go to the Gui and be sure the scaling is on auto