Instrument/sample Box

hi everyone, just playing around with the demo version before i buy the full thing.
i do have a question though regarding instruments and the samples you can assign to them.

sorry if this is a dumb question, or if it’s been asked before can you please direct me to that thread.

anyway so what i’ve done is load an instrument (a drum break) and put the sliced samples into the samples part of the instrument box window (the lower part). I find you can toggle between instruments easily using the + and - keys on the number pad, but i can’t toggle between the samples assigned to that instrument at all. i can click on a sample and it appears selected, but when i hit the z key to enter it in the pattern, it reverts back to first sample loaded to that instrument (eg. it enters the first kick drum into the pattern when i wanted the second snare in the breakbeat).

so basically, is there a way to toggle between samples assigned to an instrument, or do i have to load each individual drum slice as it’s own instrument?

oh and i know there is a generate drum kit tool, but i prefer to work my way by toggling between drum hits.


Of course, you can assign each split sample to any key. :)

  • open Instrment Editor
  • select each sample in the split slot
  • click on the vertual piano key where you want to assign.

then additionally, you should adjust each sample’s “Basenote” at “Selected Split’s Basenote”(below the vertual piano) or at Instrument Settings window.

For more detail,

i see what you’re saying, but isn’t that just like generating a drum kit?

what i want to do is basically just scroll through the samples index box and enter the samples in to the pattern like you would do with instruments. is there are short cut key for toggling through samples in the sample index box?

Samples are inserted in the pattern note-based so they have to be assigned to notes. The only difference between the “Generate drumkit” mode and manually assigning them is that the generate drumkit mode always lay out all samples on the keyboard using the C-4 as offset and then using each key that gets assigned a sample, as its own basenote.
You can manually also assign samples to more keys and setting a different basenote than the programmed key.

Once samples are assigned, you can quickly select them by simply using the (MIDI) keyboard and play the corresponding notes. Do note that the “Autoselect played splits” checkbox should be checked for that in the instrument editor. (See lowerleft area of the following screenshot)

Addition to vV’s explanation:
Maybe I misunderstand you, but do you understand that we can use the computer keyboard as virtual piano?

So, if you assign kick drum to C-4, snare to D-4, Hihat to E-4 for example,
you can input them directly by hitting Z, X, C keys.

ok. so i think i may have misinterpreted the concept of the sample index. i’m not sure if i would spend all that time assigning 15 or so different samples to the keyboard each time i added a break. i’m not a huge fan of the drumkit tool, i would prefer to just select a drum hit with the + and - keys on the number pad and punch them into pattern that way, but that’s just me. i was thinking that the sample index was a just a convenient way to organize the different parts of an instrument, so as not to have a long list of them in the instrument index.

having said that, is it better for the cpu to assign samples to an instrument so as to have a few instruments as possible? or does it not matter at all and this all just a personal preference thing?

thanks for your help

Ah, now I understand what you mean (hopefully).

Inputting each split sample to pattern editor without key mapping is not possible.
So you have to use each sample as each instrument, as you already described.
About cpu usage, I believe it’s not matter at all.

Alternatively, are you already familiar with the “sample offset command [09xx]” ??
If you use offset command, only you need is an original drum break sample, sliced samples are no needed.
Although you cannot trigger the offset point by the keyboard, so it’s a bit less intuitive than your thought… ;)

Basically as you see from the instrument editor - this way you have mapped only the first hit (a sample with the index 00). Other samples are not mapped. Mapping 15 samples to a kit is not a very time consuming act I think. You just have to hit the ‘Generate Drum Kit’ button in the Instrument Editor view and it does the mapping for you. :P
Hmm… is there any specific reasons why you don’t like the drumkit method (is it holding you from achieving some goal)? Just tell us so we can suggest you something ;)

i like my method for a few reasons.
i like to change the pitch of a lot of drum hits, and punching them into the pattern in the right key for me is better than going into the pattern editor and transposing individual drum hits.
also when i do use the drum kit, and i go to transpose notes in the pattern editor, it doesn’t change the pitch of that particular drum hit, it changes it to the next sample in the drum kit. i’m sure there is a way to change this, i just haven’t figured it out yet.
and also i just like seeing what i have selected in the instrument index window.

for me it’s just a quicker way of working, and getting ideas down quicker is the reason why i wanted to try using renoise.

You can use the 01XX and 02XX pattern fx to pitch bend individual samples without triggering a different sample… That might help?