Instrument Selector Improvement

Greetings to Renoise team!

I think the instrument selector is a little bit primitive (it’s functional, but a bit severe). It might contain categories and subcategories of instruments, for instance.

A feature allowing the association of an instrument/instruments with a track/tracks might be of some help (that is probably the most severe feature of the present-day instrument selector).


Artur :walkman:


A workaround for this I find, is to have tracks always lined up with only instrument # info in the top line. So the top row in my startup song might be like:

...00 .. .. .. | ...01 .. .. .. | ...02 .. .. .. | ...03 .. .. .. |

And then I turn on the function called ‘Automatically select instrument’.

Also, if I might add something. We’re able to select multiple instruments now (just like samples) - that makes it punishment really to not be able to move the selection in one swoop. It’s also impossible to script this (drag-n-drop) properly.


I have to admit my guilt as far as the instrument selector is concerned (at least partly). That automatic-instrument-selection function is truly great! It’s only due to my ignorance that I happened to bark at it so much. It’s really good; God bless you for that solid function. (Still, the instrument selector might be a little bit more elaborated in its structural design).


Artur :walkman: