Instrument Settings Vs Instrument Editor

I thought of something for future versions.

With all the empty space in the Instrument Editor you could easily fit all the 3 sections (MIDI Properties, Sample Properties and VST Instrument Properties) of the Instrument Settings either:

  1. Between the instrument-envelopes and the keyboard.
  2. Move the keyboard up, beneath the envelopes and place the Editor sections under.
  3. Maybe there is other suggestions

Personally I prefer option 2.

Why should this be? Well… My oppinion is that the Instrument Editor and the Instrument Settings is closely related and thereby should be “merged”. I think it would be very handy if everything related to Instruments is gathered in the same section.

Tell me if I am wrong but it would fit on 1280x1024 Resolution :)

I really like the idea, far more consistent than now. but what about people having resolution less than 1280*1024? Think of notebook users…

Put everything into a Instrument master device would solve all this.
You then only see this master device and a chain of instrument fx’s behind it.
Midi would simply be inside this master device (jus expand it with and arrow). While vst(i), samples, envelopes and even rni will be threated as devices inside the instrument structure (subcategories in this instrument where each sound generator (samples vsti or midi) got it’s own device chain).

Most ppl probably did not understand anything of this? :)
But it’s long story, and it rox ;)

Edit: oh… read it again…
Sure, everything could be put into the Instrument Editor itself. But the lowest screen resolution ppl would suffer.
In the long run, perhaps the best thing would be a more flexible docking system, where you can move around these things as you wish, like move Instrument properties into the Instrument Editor.

Also remember that some ppl would like to change the instrument properties at the same time they are in the sample editor, or in the pattern editor. This could be even more true if/when the RNI get more complex.

bash me, you are right!