Instrument Slot: Presets Of Last Import Dir In Program Stepper

Would be imo very helpful, if a instrument plugin that does not support native fxp or au presets, still provides
you with the presets from the default preset system dir for that plugin.

An example:
Micron Remote AU plugin does not support native presets

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But I have a lot of preset saved into the plugins default preset dir, in this case

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So it would be very helpful and more easy if in this case, Renoise provides the filenames of the presets in the
preset stepper instead. So I donÄt have to always open a file dialogue everytime.

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Plugins each have their own preset and bank locations memorized… if there would have been an API call to fetch the plugin’s preset path, it could have been whipped up in a tool.

In OSX there is a defined standard path for presets of plugins, at least for standardized AU plugins:

Factory presets

User presets