Instrument -> Track assignment/replacement

Sometimes I miss the possibility to change or assign an instrument to a whole track (or i havent’t figured it out yet).

Let me give you an example:

I have

instrument A for Track 1 loaded at position 1 in the Instruments-list,

instrument B for Track 2 loaded at position 2 in the list

both are used in the song.

Now, by any reason i want Instrument B to play Track 1 (used by Instrument A) without the need of deleting/replacing Instrument A.

So what i have in mind is something like

Click on Intrument B in the list -> Click on Track 1 -> press right Mouse button -> chose “assign current instrument to track”

Now Track 1 on is played by instrument B without replacing Instrument A on position 1

This function could become quite handy for trying out / comparing several Instruments or settings


I believe you can do that with the Swap instrument function in the advanced pattern editor (it’s located in the “Instrument” submenu)

You can use swap. But better:

You can also use tunedshorts
Select range, move cursor to instrument column, press shortcut.