Instrument Tracking (macro) / Instrument Dsp Attach / It-style Instrum

Hey there! I am new to the community, but not to Renoise! I have a few suggestions, maybe one or two has been suggested already, but it never hurts to repeat something good! :)

“Instrument Tracking” i[/i]

Way back in FT2 I wanted a certain feature that would make it much easier to do chords, jingles, drum lines and the like. It was much later I learned (just now actually, from a good friend) that a similar function was present in Impulse Tracker…

The idea is, that, instead of typing or copy/paste a jingle or a drum-line several times over (for example when fine-tuning your song) why not use something like an “instrument tracker”? i[/i]

Here is an example. You open up an editor. A track shows up. You track with several different instruments at different notes, close the editor, and viola! You have a “tracked instrument” that plays everything you have written down in the editor when you strike a note!

Another example of this imaginary function is that when you strike your tracked instrument at note “C-4”, all the instruments that you tracked in the editor will play at that note relative to the others, and if you would choose to play at note “A#3” the notes will also play at that note relative to the others…

Naturally, the “tracked instrument” would follow the same speed and BPM as your tune in general.

One could see it as a “rendering function likeness” But this concept is different in that it is much more flexible and uses several samples at once and can do so at different notes while still retaining the same speed and BPM.

Basically you can do a whole new “instrument” by using several in one. You can use this “tracked instrument” instead of editing or pasting! A drumloop, a set of chords, a lead. To use them as if they where a single instrument.

“Instrumend DSP attach”

I bet quite a few of you have thought about this one. For example “Why cant I just add a little reverb to my snare, a little bass to my bassdrum, flanger for my hihats and echo to my tom’s?”

So, instead of using three or four channels for this line of work, simply attach a DSP to the instruments you DESIRE to have the DSP-effect, and with that, the need for only one channel! That would save a lot of time, effort and without a doubt it would increase productivity!

“IT-style instrument cloning”

Do I need to say anything else? It has been around for AGES, is it hard to implement? That is actually a serious question, since I know about 0% programming and would consider writing a re-executing *.bat file totally 1337!

But seriously? It would save enormous amounts of space if you are handling large samples…


It would be nice to see some feedback on all and any of this, especially if anyone could make it more clear and simple to understand… ;)

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Woops. Sorry for the typo. If someone has the power to change the topic to “Instrument Tracking (macro) / Instrumend DSP Attach / It-style Instrumentation” it would be greatly appreciated…

Great ideas. And all been suggested many times before :)

Have a look at the pinned RNI future thread.

yes great ideas,lets hope this gets noticed by the devs

I was sort of guessing the two last ideas already had been suggested at least once before, and that the first one had also been suggested in one form or another. :)

Thanks for your support guys! I love Renoise, and the thought of actually having a hand in its improvement is awesome! Why is Renoise so great? Maybe there is a thread asking that very same question ;) brown nosing

But as I said, I have 0% programming experience, so I am very unsure how hard it is to implement any of this. But my guess is that IT-Style “clone” instrument should not be too hard to program…

@ Pysj = Thanks for the link! I’ll check it out! :D