Instrument Trigger Metadevice

Just a thought here… we’ve got a key tracking metadevice which sends out note data based on which keys have been hit… but currently, there’s no way to trigger instruments via metadata. The key tracking metadevice is missing a much needed partner… which, when coupled with the hydra, would allow us to trigger many instruments with one note value. I picture it looking fairly similar to the keytracker, except with an additional pitch input slider which the keytracker or an LFO would hook up to… and when that slider value changes, a note gets triggered. The Dest. would be reduced to the track number you wish the instrument to play on. Dest Min and Dest Max would be removed… but the scaling and the range would stay, so we could define which note range the incoming signal would generate. The scaling would work identically as the key tracker, so they could be used in tandem.

I can create a photoshop mockup later if you like, but I’m hoping I’ve been descriptive enough above to give you a general idea.

I can’t remember if I suggested this only privately to the developers during the alpha cycle, anyway this is something I thought myself too and called “Note Metadevice”, but got no attention :)

This way it’ll be possible to set up cool arpeggios.
I love this idea !!!

here it is my suggestion

huh, didn’t thought about the arpeggiator application, interesting

Well I think it’s needed. The ability to trigger notes via metadata would roxor harder than mah soxorz.

1 addition to my original proposition: Add a velocity input slider as well. This way, we can link it up with the velocity metadevice and get even more control.

If we have an instrument set up as a midi instrument, this device would allow you to send out midi notes as well IT-Alien.

+1 for this

All these little things shift renoise towards a max/msp like control which is great imo.

This idea crossed my mind too but I did not submit it why?
I fear it would kind of bring the multivstinstrument down in priority.

Because I would rather have instruments that can contain links to or instances of other instruments.
That way one would hear what it sounds like instant when jamming which would be much more useful.

With a instrument metadevice instead you would first have to input the notes, then play it to hear what is sound like.
Which imo is not as good.

So i would find it much more useful. However if we can have both the instrument meta device would also be nice.

Since a meta device can be automated that would have its advantages.

Actually, you wouldn’t … if your cursor was in the track in question, and record mode wasn’t on, playing the keyboard would trigger the metadevice as well.



I like the original idea. With clever settings on the velocity side of thing it sounds like it might allow you to have you to have layered instruments, where the sample playing is different at different velocities, something Renoise has always been missing. Plus a lot more besides!

Yeah sample layering is what I meant. Was just trying to avoid saying multi-samples as that refers to the samples spread across the keyboard, which can already be done.

Very good +1
I have often thought that being able to send note data off the signal follower would be great. Would be great for reworking drum riffs etc etc. You can already use it and keytrack/velocity to trigger envelopes with LFO etc etc…