Instrument volume doesn't match track volume at unity gain?

I have an instrument that is effectively clipping the output of the instrument, hitting 0 dB before it goes into a track, and the gain slider is at 0 dB as well. The sample is normalized. When I play the instrument in a track (with no gain adjustments and the final output gain slider also at 0dB), the output is 6 dB quieter. I’ve checked by putting a volume reader on both the FX chain of the instrument (it hits 0 dB0), and at the end of my track’s signal chain (where it hits -6 dB). Is this normal behavior, or is it coming into play because the instrument’s output is too hot and Renoise automatically lowers it?

if you go into the song menu and choose song options, there is a setting for the track headroom, it defaults to -6db



Always disable that. It’s really annoying and shouldn’t be default behavior.

i recently (im newbish) figured out that you can save the song settings to a default project so you dont always have to change it. obvious, but wasnt so obvious to me :smiling_face_with_tear:

Have you ever heard of Template Songs? No more wrong starting settings… :wink:

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