Instrumental Hiphop

Ok just sharing a little beat here:

Laid back instrumental, purely about that good ol’ nod-factor, no strings attached. :) Hope it will improve your day a bit…

Love it, good production, smooth chilled out vibes. I want to put it in my smokers folder, make it dl’able please :)

Nice one. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks a lot… :)

Insa(i)nely good as usual! B)


Glad you guys are feeling it… More to come!

i wish the mixing was a tiny little bit better so you could make out the fine nuances in the bass and the funky guitar, because the snare is really stealing the show (at least on my monitors) but i love the mood. it’s one of these “it would sound even better with some rain in the background”-kind of songs (while the cat in your profile pic is looking out of the window). :)