Instrumentation Quantization - More Options Possible?

I want to quantize an instrument to Half-of-a-Beat (1/8th at 4 LPB). However, the only options I see are Line (1/16th), Beat (1/4th), and Bar (1/1). Is there some way to do 1/8th in Renoise? If not, is it possible to write a Tool that could do this? I’ve never made a Tool but would learn for this.


I want to get 1/8th because I find it really useful for live breaks, such as this: youtube link

Now that I thought about it, I just got around it by setting LPB to 2. It’s a bit annoying since it messes up the rest of the song, but will get the job done for now. Cheers

If you only want to change it for a short section, you can automate the LPB in the master track. Check out the tutorial:

EDIT: Not sure if this is helpful for you, since this affects all tracks at once.

You might consider working at a higher lpb value generally, like 8 or 16… gives a lot better resolution. I work pretty much exclusively at 16 lpb unless I’m tryna get real wonky with some other strange lpb value… Come on in, the water’s fine

Another option might be (depending on what exactly you are trying to do) to write a phrase at the proper timing/resolution for the break, then trigger that