Instruments Carrying Out When They Shouldn't

I haven’t tested this with Renoise 2.0 yet, but I know in 2.1 I’ve been having trouble with some instruments carrying out after the next note plays or even when there are more than 4 note off commands in a row on the instrument in question. The thing is, it does it near the end of a song, and only if the rest of the song is played (if I play just that pattern it plays fine), or if I render the song to disk. On my latest song, I had to remove all the patterns except the last one and render that, then copy and paste it into the previously rendered song that was fully rendered with a sample editor so the ending was right.

I’m using SampleTank II instruments.

The machine I do music on is a Pentium 4 3.2ghz running windows XP Pro 32bit edition with a Delta 66 audio card.

check if there is anything which enables sustain on the instrument. Sometimes it also happens to me in the following way:

--- 01 C1 407F <= sets pitch bend almost to the center (can happen when using an hardware PB wheel)  

then you edit the song in some way resulting in the following:

--- 01 C0 407F <= enables sustain  

if you send me the song I can look for the problem. I currenly don’t have SampleTank installed but I have it, so I could also check by installing it.

It may also be related of you using the same VST on several tracks. I have had problem like this time or two.

A-ha! I think that’s the problem. :)

I was using two aliases on the same track–I had forgotten I had done that. Thanks :D

It makes me curious though–why does it make a difference that more than one VST alias is in the same track?

there should be no problems with using different aliases on the same track: what you should not do is using the same alias on more than one track. the problem is that you cannot divide the audio signal of a single alias along different channels, so the least you can experience is that older notes get stopped when new ones are played on other tracks.

Now I’m really confused. :(

EDIT: Correction, WAS really confused.