Instruments Don´t Save

hi everyone
i got some major problems saving my instruments for one song. i´m not sure wether this is related to quadraSID or renoise, but i thought i just could ask.
when i start a song everything goes fine until i save. when i try to reload the song, all quadraSID instruments get resetted to default. i tried saving it manually, but this doesn´t work either.
i´m kinda confused because i used this combination a year ago and it worked quite flawlessly.

any help would be appreciated

IT might be related to this topic as well (which is not solved either so i’m gonna bump it)…866&hl=save

seems like i found a workaround. after installing older versions of Renoise (1.5.1) and quadraSID (1.41) it finally seems to work. now i´ll try to find out which program causes the problem.