instruments resonance envelope ,always higher than zero even when set

Resonance amount in the instrument envelope window is always set to a percentage higher then zero , even when the resonance is turned off.
Just do the simple test , draw in a waveform ( harmonically rich ) , go to filter envelope , draw in a decaying curve for the cuttof ( lp ) , leave resonance off play a note and listen .
Now turn on resonance an draw a resonance envelope which is totally flat , the sound is now much less brighter then when resonance what sett to off position .
conclusion , when resonance is off , still a little bit amount of reso (about 40 pct) is applied to the filter to give it more brightness .
Can we please have the option to have absolutely no resonance when off means off !

Yes I’ve noticed this too, when the filter cutoff is enabled but resonance isn’t, the resonance will be at around 20-25%. The solution is to enable the resonance envelope and set its level to constant zero (as you mentioned). Of course it’d be more logical for it to be at zero when disabled.

agreed, +1

I think is the moog filter behaviour, because if you change filter type you have regular response.

You can also hear the Cutoff being set somewhere in the middle when not set (but the Resonance is set)