Instruments Tied To Tracks?

im a noob its true, and as noobs go, i have a stupid question for yall. is an instrument tied to a track or can you switch it up?


VST instruments will only trigger sound on one track at a time, but sample based instruments can be triggered on multiple tracks at the same time

If you want a VST to play in multiple tracks at once, one easy workaround is to make copies of the VST and label them different things. Like Synth1; you could copy it and label the copy Synth1-1, then Synth1-2, Synth1-3, etc.

And yes, I use Synth one as example for a reason. Very good VST. Go get it and get a pack of presets for it.


ok the instrument list in the upper right hand corner is a list by track number? can you assign an instrument to any track?

most things in this program are very intuitive and apparent just from observing the UI, but this one isnt.

sorry, im sure theres a page in the manual that tell this haha!


YES! i couldnt see it until you said it like that!

i know, i must unlearn what i know in order to be a jedi master!