Integerizer (stepper?) Metadevice

Now that we have doofers, we have the ability to do some cool things… one of which is create LFO controlled machines of madness. Problem being, it’s hard to get LPC to snap to certain times. I’d like to be able to create a doofer that makes LPC snap precisely to 1LPC/2LPC/4LPC/8LPC/16LPC, etc… in this instance, I’m creating a stutter gate that drops gain to -inf every X LPC. While I can totally use an additional point LFO set to INF LPC with Doffer controlled reset to snap the values, this is difficult to set up, and the doofer itself doesn’t show the actual LPC values on the doofer knob.

So what I propose is a simple metadevice that has a single input parameter, a list of name/value pairs with values showing the destination parameter format, and a single dest parameter.


Name Value  
Whole Note 1 LPC  
Half Note 2 LPC  
Quarter Note 4 LPC  

Then, the doofer knob would only have however many integer values you require… thoughts?

A Doofer can’t do anything a device chain can’t.

Uhm… It can contain a device chain in a nice little package that has a couple of knobs which control many parameters. My stutter gate is going to have 3 parameters, tops, which control a fairly complex effect chain that would otherwise (without the doofer) be needlessly complicated to control.

It still does exactly the same, what the device chain would have done, except flooding with parameters. Put a dog in a box, it’s still a dog. Just in a box.

Why are you even bothering to respond to this thread if all you intend on doing is complain about your lack of interest in doofers? :rolleyes:

because he is trying to point out that they are essentialy the same , just repackaged .
<it’s called ventilation

No, it’s called derailing my thread to draw attention towards himself and his annoyance with a feature that he plainly has no interest in using. It’s called being self-centered.

I, and many other users I’ve talked to, happen to find the doofer quite useful. That Bit-Arts finds it useless is utterly irrelevant to all those that find it useful… having a temper-tantrum about it isn’t going to do anything but reveal how self-centered he’s being. That he’s deciding to derail other people’s threads because he’s so annoyed about it is just disrespectful.

I think you don’t understand the immense value of having a device chain packaged in a doofer neatly collapsible, movable and preset-saveable INSIDE your actual device chain, with what is essentially a couple of macros/a mini hydra that allows you to set up complex multi-parameter interactions controllable through a few key parameters.
I don’t blame you for not understanding how valuable they are to us, but please don’t poopoo them just because you don’t understand how much better they are than just all those devices dumped into the main device chain.

Some kind of Lookup Table Device could indeed be a lot of fun, and useful in tons of situations. Something that lets you program a table of exact, known values, and then easily trigger them. Basically what is already possible now with some clever LFO usage, but in a more convenient form.

In the meantime, here’s a Doofer example to do roughly what you described, Byte :]

Has 1 LPC mapped to x100, 2 LPC mapped to x110, 4 LPC to x120, and so on.

4427 dblue-stepper-doofer-example.xrns

I actually doubt, This looks like not understanding a Doofer. It still can’t do anything special. I don’t blame you for not understanding, it was only about that fact.

Perhaps keeping a device chain clean and useable isn’t special to you, but to some people it is. I thought you were planning on ignoring me from here-on-in? Why are you still posting on my thread?

Try this, although not a Doofer, its an lfo > lfo device chain.

custom lfo scaled to another lfo’s frequency

Just a quick reply to maybe remedy the problem,
I’ll have to re-read some of the posts in this thread to get a better understanding.

That’s a much better way of explaining what I’ve got in my head :P


[quote=“dblue, post:9, topic:40055”]
4427 dblue-stepper-doofer-example.xrns

a (renoise-) locomotive emulation - funny!

+1 lookup table would indeed be cool

Bit_arts: No, you are wrong. In terms of usability they do more. I´ve created 4band eq with adaptable Q and it is usable. Before? It wasnt…

Maybe adding a switch on LFO’s to make it snap to a chosen beat could be something?

LFO1->LFO2 reset value->LFO3 frequency

LFO1 = Set amplitude to 100%
LFO2 = Set amplitude to 100%. Set frequency to stop. Make custom envelope with points 2, 4, 8, 16 or whatever you wish to snap to.
LFO3 = Is now an LFO that switches between even frequencies.

Could this work as your stepper?

Why you no like doofer, you caveman?


And, finally, a bi/unipolar switch for regular LFOs (switch offset/amp to min/max that other *devices have)