Integrate Mootcher Into Renoise

Hi all,

i suggest to include Mootcher into Renoise.

just think of having the ability to browse Freesound for samples within Renoise!!
IMHO that would be simply awesome.

what do you think about it??
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While it could be useful, I think it would be a bad idea for Renoise to rely on a third party service such as this, especially something web-based which could potentially disappear without warning at any time. That’s just my personal opinion anyway.


I agree with dblue on this.

going to the site and downloading samples isn’t hard

ok, point taken.

A bit off-topic (or not), but I love the Geotagging of sounds over at I find that just going on the map to a small island in the pacific and discover the sounds from there is really inspiring. I don’t think this is possible with mootcher.

also alot of users DONT have internet connection,on their music computers :D