Integrate PowerPacker for opening Amiga modules

Hi everyone, I often used PowerPacker to compress and reduce on the Amiga to save space and store some modules on disk
renoise won’t open these compressed forms for me
since it wasn’t just me who used this method
I propose the integration on renoise :slight_smile:

do you think it’s possible?
It seems to me that today it is a public domain algorithm

miscellaneous info:


Renoise imports old-school modfiles just for historical reasons but the USP of renoise is to be a professional DAW (like Cubase, FLStudio etc.) so the oldschool-tracker-stuff is not the highest priority of renoise (anymore)

I’d suggest to load powerpacker-stuff in modplug and export them to a format which is supported better in renoise.

I mean, renoise can’t read trackerformats like dmf, anyway but modplug can.

Hi Mark Shake :wink:
I was hoping that some programmer here on the forum would be able to implement the possibility given these tools that can be created & implemented.

I agree on the professionalism of the DAW, but it was born from the ashes of those tracker programs of the past and the users who today use a similar DAW are not unlikely to have previously used trackers on Amiga or similar, being able to access old archives easily does nothing but make renoise increasingly loved by new and old users. I think !

even simply to recover the sounds :slight_smile:

ps it’s very difficult for me to include FLStudio among the professional programs…but ok :slight_smile:

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The older renoise-versions tried to import FT2 and stuff as good as possible. But as far as I remember this idea was dropped for implementing new features. And the team is very, very, very small here. :slight_smile:

It’s really a shame, it could have been a nice implementation!..

We hope that this suggested idea tickles the spirit of the small “but excellent” team!! :slight_smile:

maybe you could insert it as a Tools, at that point even a user who has a bit of programming in his skills :wink:

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