Intel Mac And Vst Problem

I tried renoise yesterday. It is very nice! Everything runs well on my intel mac. Everything except i can’t get any vst to work. I see the vst plugins in the vst list, but when i add this effect to a track, i just see this text in the fx box : VST-plugin was not found

I tried about 4-5 different VSTs. I am not used to VSTs. I uncompressed them in ~library/audio/plugins/VST or something like that. Renoise can see the plugins cause i can see them in the plugins list but i just can’t use any. Perhaps someone can tell me about a plug in they know that works on an intel mac.

It is the only problem i have with renoise.

Thanks in advance!


Well, Windows specific dll vst’s don’t work on mac.
Here’s one plugin that has a (universal binary!) Mac VST version:

initializing the program i was told i had a buggy vst… so, dumped the demo of the UVI universal player… and now trying to figure out how to re enable my vst’s…i’m told to go to Renoises Config->misc/vst tab …maybe i’m stupid but cant locate this…any ideas… apologies for dunderheadedness…i’ll probably find it staring me in the face after i’ve posted this…thnxz

oh yeah…on a Macintel

ignore that last message…I found the missing tooth just as i reached the dentists…

Thanks for the replies. Thanks vvoois for the plugin suggestion. It worked right away. Seems that most vst plugins i downloaded weren’t compatible with renoise for one reason or another. I found another one that worked, it is called soulforce. Unfortunately the web site is giving me errors right now so i can’t confirm the url for it…

Because you have an INTEL MAC on OS X, you need to find plugins for it.

That means PPC Plugins for OS X don’t work. That means PPC Plugins for System 8 don’t work. That means Windows DLL Plugins don’t work.

Look harder, very few plugins for INTEL MAC exist at the moment. But more are compiled every day.

Good luck.

One way to do what Conner Bw suggested is to use the search-engine on KVR

Remember to check “OSX” and “Universal Binary” and uncheck the other fields at the OS-option.

Indeed, i was trying out ppc vst plugins at first. But even when trying universal binary osx plugins, i have troube finding compatible plugins. For instance i tried the demo of audiorealism bassline. No workie…

Thanks for confirming that there is a fairly low number of universal binary vsts right now.

Anyways, i shouldn’t rely too much on vsts for making music currently. There’s already plenty to do with renoise :)

unless I’m horribly mistaken, Audiorealism haven’t released a Universal Binary version of their bassline VST.

Maybe you tested the Audio Unit (AU)? That would explain your difficulties, anyway, since Renoise doesn’t support AU.

From their webpage, they say the universal binary has just been released. No big deal, i just wanted to play with it a bit.

From KVR: “AudioRealism has released a beta Universal Binary AU version of Bass Line for Mac OS X (v1.531 beta). A beta demo version is also available.”

So there’s a Universal Binary AU-version available of Bassline, not Universal Binary VST.

I have the same problem as xonox. Very few vstplugs for intel osx… but I have also experienced that a fair bit of the few universal binaries that are released, doesent work with renoise, (an exaple is the great free plugins from camel audio.)

The camel audio plug ins are not yet universal, so they wont work yet. I know its currently a pain to find compatible VST plugs for the intel mac. We should try to get AU support as soon as possible into Renoise. AU is a lot more supported on the intel architecture…

As soon as possible, eh taktik? In principle that would mean beta5… you do realize that? ;)

Not THAT soon. Really, cant add such big stuffs into a beta.

I would also be quite happy with AU support for renoise on mac.
I have just switched over the mac and was bummed to find that not only can i not use many VSTs and I have an Intel-mac but that renoise does not support audio units…

Looking forward to the support :)