Inter-aural Shifting, Freeware

Hello, Iam looking for vst plugins for xp that can do Inter-Aural Shifting

Inter-Aural Shifting : Insted of volumepanning this introduces slight time-lags (a few ms) between the left channel and the right channel.

so its NOT volume panning I am after, any suggestions ??


It sounds like you want a sort of Chorus effect.

You can do this in two ways:
The old 0901 and 0902 offset trickery we used for that, you will have to play the same sample on two tracks if it is stereo.
Track01 you pan to left and track02 you pan to the right and also you apply a 0901 effect or a 0902 effect. The larger the sample the smaller the amount has to be. You can either pan using the track panning (less wise) or just panning command in the panning column.

000 | C-400.. 00 ---- | C-400.. 80 0901 |   

The other way is a bit safer but you might have to turn up your BPM and increase your speed to raise your tick-integrity.
Now play the note on two subtracks, use the delay command on the volume column (d1 or d2) and the panning value on the first subtrack to pan the first note to the left and pan the other note on the same row to the ultimate right

000 | C-400D1 00 C-400D1 80 ---- |   

Give this a try: Voxengo Audio Delay

thanx :)

Native delay, mute source, send 100, feedback 0, rdelay 0ms, ldelay 1ms. Wouldn’t that be enough?

I´ve tried with the native delay but it dosen sound like the sound gets panned…

2 tracks, play same note, 0D01 and pan both tracks to oposite speakers…or for the more adventures, attatch an LFO to their panning property. I’d normally agree with 09xx command, but if the sample is huge, then the jump from 00 to 01 is huge… :\

This I dont understand, will it give Inter-Aural Shifting?, its not volume panning I am after…there must be an other an faster way… found a plugin called stereoman that has Inter-Aural Shifting, think Ill get that one…


That’s what D01 is for…delay for a single tick. However, useless if you have a speed of set for your song.

This is how the sound gets delayed on one channel…you delay the output of one of the channels with the D01 command. Unless I’m missing something here…InterAuralShifting is a strange alien term to me…lol