Interested In Record Contract?

Well, we here, in germany are famous for a lot of stupid things. We have cars that are called “Volkswagen”, even though those cars are too expensive for the regular people. On the other hand, we have bavarians which all non-bavarians even do not consider to be germans. The third big german invention is Dieter Bohlen. He’s the best-payed composer of them all, although his music is IMHO crap :)

The series of great german inventions continues and finally, we invented the method to give people record contracts, although the music is crap, the singers are bad and the lyrics are dumb.

Check out Sonnenlischt on my site.

These boys are invited to a tv-show today. They were even offered a complete record deal.

So, most of you remember that I am currently totally non-creative… I found the solution for all my problems: I should never try again to do good music.

and with your link you promote this crap … if you are against this don’t do the mistake and show people such stupid stuff.

i think there are enough bad artists around and in the charts … we don’t need more … we shouldn’t confirm crap with attention.

I just wanted to offer brand-new ways to get rich and famous :)

its just that their voice isnt processed enough with effects :lol:

Party on

Wow… That’s weird! Reminds me of my birthday-party :D

there was a website once that had pictures made with a flashlight in clubs featuring people looking very stupid.

and sonnenlicht sucks, those guys wont get much out of this. as I understand it they got signed by universal, they will bend them over very nicely.

Hard to believe how much that band sucked! Reminds me in 1997 when I thought I was very good 'cause a friend or two told me so and wanted a record deal. :P

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA This is the first time I can write ROFLOL and actually mean it!!! There’s a german (bavarian) exchange student living in my students corridor atm and I’m always bringing up german (and austrian) highlights like dj Ötsi, Johan Mühlegg, scooter, the “wade hade dude da”-guy and now I have yet another gem to drop on her! :P

Now, I’m gonna go and try to puke out of my ears.

i liked scooter back then :)

Still like Scooter at times, but their singles suck… Too bad, Back To The Heavyweight Jam is a really cool album, and Wicked certainly have its magic moments!

you guys are not talking about “hyper-hyper” scooter, are ya?
i just can’t imagine they made any good music… :)

we’re full of garbage like this in Italy: particulary into southern Italy, where there is a completely endemic music genre called “neomelodic”, which basically is plain love-pop mixed to traditional neapolitan music, with lyrics which are indeed a mixture of italian and neapolitan dialect.

probably the most known names are the oldish
Nino D’Angelo:

and the newer
Gigi D’alessio:

they both also played primary roles into love B-movies (he loves her, she has to marry an old fat man / he is a gangster who loves a good girl / he loves a girl and wants to marry her but can’t find a job / and so on).

There are local TV’s which play videoclips of this music many hours a day, where people like this guy

“sing” about love, gangsters (mainly on their part), and similar stuff.

a little gallery:

well that was enough…

I must admit that I also liked scooter.
but now, I like them on an other way.
Not for the music really, but that they still bring that happy hardcore stuff,
in a very thin package and get away with it.

therefore…Respect to the man in the Ice cream van !!!

The KLF bible lives on…

In Australia we have this variety of garbage:

I don’t know who or what the hell this scooter band is, but that picture that escii shared was the best!

Think any drugs were at that party? ROFL

Those kids were smashed. Looks like they just hit the nitrous and attempted to dance/stand.


yes, “hyper-hyper” was dope :) i also liked other songs… scooter kinda brought me into that “hardcore” stuff…

I also liked “hardcore vibes” by “Dune” and other Dune and Marusha songs that i cant remember right now :) yeah, if you listen to them now then youll propably say that they come in “thin” package, but back then it was :yeah: and i still listen to those songs sometimes… brings back the memories :)

Yes! I have “Hyper Hyper” in my car-hifi right now and although this piece is so damn simple, it’s really cool somehow. But I prefer “Anhililating Rhythm” by Ultrasonic.

What I think, is really funny with Hyper Hyper is the Greetings. Most of those DJs don’t work no more (or are even dead) but those who live are sometimes even good buddies. Scotty was resident DJ at a club here and Gary D is playing at the next event I organized.

The “turkish group” from my opening post really got signed btw. Their single “sonnenlicht” (sunlight) will come out next week. I promise, they will get number one in the billboards…

@Phonkey: The “Wadde-hadde-dudde-da”-guy is the producer of that turkish bad, at least as far as I know.

@Foo?: You’re right. I forgot “the manual” by KLF… This is exactly what they discribe.

I must admit that I find scooter ok…sometimes.

Dune was ok as well, I clear the dust on the CD’s now and then, suprisingly I still like one or two songs ;)

I could never really stand Scooter. Not my thing at all.

Don’t forget how big David Hasselhoff is in Germany :o