Interesting article: Is Audacity Now Spyware?

Found an interesting article about the well known open source Audacity audio editor.


My understanding is that the newest version has this. If you’re running an older version, and avoid updates, you should be good.

Also, there will be of course be forks, the question is which fork gets popular/maintained.

Exactly. The latest version since Audacity was acquired by Muse Group. Earlier versions are not affected.
But maybe interesting for people who already installed this latest version.

Such a pity! This software was quite good.

From which version this is concerned?

Probably no big reason to worry. It is open source, and the past versions were under GPL.

Am I right to assume, that anyone can just fork a version that was prior to a license change, and continue the development under the old license? Or could the original license holders withdraw the license and all rights that others have over the code as declared by the old GPL license when it was released under such? And even, audacity does not go closed source, but will stay open source, just under another license that allows commercial plugins or components, or stuff with incompatible licenses like VST3…

Given the importance of audacity in the FOSS community, a fork to save what can be saved would most probably happen, if the changes make audacity incompatible with the open source cosmos or a security or data safety threat.

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It still under GPL v2.

I’ve seen this getting pushed from both sides. One side is “the end is nigh”, the other extreme is “its probably not that big of a deal.”

Haven’t look into it that deep myself, yet. I’ve seen projects go both ways after getting some private money injected. (the Linux kernel itself being an example)

Curious to see how this all goes. The other offerings of Muse Group actually have me pretty intrigued. Hopefully things turn out for the better. If not, I have a license for Renoise and REAPER, so I’m not too concerned as far as the effects on my workflow.

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I know plenty of people that still use Audacity. Not me! I wouldn’t touch this with a 10 foot pole now

It is! or It becomes!

Lol… :+1: