Interesting Watch.

Interesting watch about CIA, drugs, 9-11 entangled in most other conspiracy infested theories. 2h17min watch!…525979024486145

Makes the godfather look like a midget, that’s for sure.
But not really much is new.
Everybody knows US is bankrupt and its economy is broken.
The ones who can pull the plug is China as US has most depths to China but they don’t do it since it would cost them their market deals with US and other countries that favour US.

The US is the most important trade center of all stock and trade merchandise in the Western civilisation. If you bring that down it’s like you rip out the heart of the Western economy and will cause some kind of domino effect bringing down other economies. There are not a thousand banks that can break this fall.

I’m just waiting for this new worldwar to come since it will come, the question is still when though.

Dire hopes indeed, well im not one of those believing ww3 is coming, but changes will come and hopefully there will be better ways of doing it than wiping out half the population.

Make love, not war. Thank God for Paris Hilton.

There is water enough and the polution will disappear again… the oil resources will dry up eventually and this is a serious problem specially for those countries that only has oil as their main source of income.

The oil will never dry out because there is constantly coming new oil.
However it will get more expensive. But this doesn’t have to become a problem for the countries who produce oil…They will simply ge more money for their oil…

Oil takes millions of years to form and minuets to burn so your argument is flawed.

companies with enough oil have the money to invest on research for new synthetic combustive substance.

i didn’t watch the clip. maybe this was already mentioned in it. with a comment about how they keep those things secret in order to be able to make money on their last oil reserves. :ph34r:

…and biofuels…

The world is coming to an end yes, but not today and not for a many years to come. The oil will run out yes, but of fashion not of stock, as said there is actually new oil beeing made all the time; in fields, growing biofuels. However there are many other alternative energy sources. And as stated above here there are many intricate pieces that needs to go before everything falls apart, we all know this because history repeats itself and people in a group can never be rational, we are like kids; that need 100 tries before we even get it half right. There will be another “dark ages” but after the dawn there will be better times, times where we will look back and learn from our mistakes and build a better future where we acknowledge our wrongs and shake our heads to the things we now take for granted.

I could go on but its late, a new day dawns, a new day to f**** up the things i didnt f**** up properly yesterday.

This is not a good page but its the best I could find right now I´m in a hurry.

The oil won’t be and is not that much of a problem.

I might be wrong……1464050,00.html

Anyway we do know how to make cars that run on other things than oil…
And there has also been breakthrough in extracting oil in new ways.

This already has been done,
We have cars and busses that run on gas and waterhybrid. Currently all gasoline cars can run perfectly on biofuel with a little adaption, without adaptation you can mix 50% gasoline and 50% biofuels but also manual have to watch different parts don’t get too greasy and wet.
If you want to save money on fuel i would just go for it if you have the opportunity. Flaxseed oil is cheaper than gasoline.

Just google for info:…G=Google+Search

the biggest problem we really face is global warming, as we’ve already triggered a few chain reactions that could lead to another ice age if not curbed. Now that would be far more catastrophic than an oil war - because, as anyone thats seen “Mad Max” knows, an oil war would burn itself out as a matter of course
(sorry thats a really bad pun I know :))

…but mad max was really good tho :D