[interface: syntax highlighting]

I’ve just ordered my copy of Renoise and would like to suggest a new
feature: syntax highlighting in instrument/volume/pan/effects
columns. A picture is worth a thousand words:

  • before -

  • after -

I’ve picked up some colors (like Cubic Player’s interface) and adapted into
Renoise. It’s like coding any language with syntax highlighting: much
better to visualize and avoid any errors. What do you think?

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It’s a brilliant idea!! Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before…

I Love it!

would be also good to add a correlation between parameter value and lightness, for example “00” - very low lightness, “ff” very high lightness. i think a command should has always the same lightness…

until now the called me “the pattern painter”. This way I would finally add colours to my paintings :lol:

IMhO this is a great idea.

Yes and then we can have different instruments have different colors, but that is not as important…

yeah cool idea, modplug has something like this.
and what I also prefer would be if the background of the “highlighted rows” would be a little lighter, too. its hard to differ highlighted chars from not highlighted. pleeeeease add B)

You can adjust the highlight to any color in the Config / GUI / Colorsettings. :)

I think I wouldn’t want lighter/darker colors for high/low values or different colors for different instruments as I think it would clutter the pattern a bit too much. This should be possible to turn on/off imo.

Also if you read what there will be in the future with the new pattern sequencer where you color code blocks it would clutter the screen, if thats not in another view…

But thats probably quite far away right now…

Yes I know you can change the colors, but I don’t want the WHOLE background to be changed, only the background at the highlighted rows. Maybe I’m to blind to find, so I’ll look again ;)

Christ !!! I’ve found it. Thanks Johan :lol:

looks nice and sounds good

Yeah. I would really like this, in all it’s simplified glory. The example photo looks excellent.

So… Is it hard to implement? :]

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it looks so cool ^_^

I join in the chant: very good idea indeed :D

Well, it’s possible, and not that difficult either I believe. Just a bit of work.

This looks like a great idea to me, I hope that this is in the pipeline. Even tho there will be a lot of interface changes in upcoming 1.3 , it seems like this would be an extra simple but effective upgrade for the tracking interface.


yes, that would be a cool thing. and has already been suggested long time ago… i guess every (former) modplug user dreams about that. i wonder why it still hasn’t been implemented. probably it is harder to do than it sounds, and the effort to implement wouldn’t justify the gain?