Interfacing Analog Effects

Right, bit of a noob question here.

I’m using an mbox (2 in 2 out) with a 10 channel mixer (I also have a spare 10 channel mixer).
I also have about 15 or so guitar pedals that I’d like to be able to use as outboard effects (i.e. send an existing track through the pedals and use the sample record in renoise to recieve it).

Is this usually done with an audio interface with 4 outputs?

I’m guessing there must be some people out there using analog effects, any help appreciated


Use one of the input pairs on the mixer for the 2 outputs from your soundcard, and bring the main out from the mixer to your soundcard’s inputs.

Put the fx you want to use on a send loop.

Since you only have the 2-in/2-out your workflow will have to be “only listen to the sound you’re treating while bouncing it to disk.” (Which is fine, I worked that way for years.)