Internal Midi Routing

Damn, this is probably rellay simple, but I cant understand how to route midi between vst instruments in renoise.

One vst sends midi, and I want another one to receive it. How do I set this up?


Can’t be done.

which sux big time.

Been ‘waiting’ for this feature for some years now, and yeah while I know energyxt “solves” this issue; could someone from dev team just tell me this feature will never be added so I can put this to rest ;)

I doubt they will meet your demands here.
More developers on the case even means development is speeding up.
Not only do they speed up, our last alpha testing period was very short (two months if not less) in contrast to the usual amount of months of alpha testing we did in the past.

but is there any chance at the moment to get midiplugins run with some tricks, i tried it with midijoke and vsthost (savihost) but didnt get it work i think that vsthost and savihost also arent able to work with midi plugins, maybe somebody know a midiplugin standalone tool or something like this?

The only road you can take is using the energyXT VST plugin and in there load these plugins and let them talk to eachother within EnergyXT.
It ain’t a nice workaround either but it is at least one that works.
Otherwise it boils down to ReWiring another VST host that allows for this.

Correct me if I’m wrong. I got some piano roll vst’s. I lay some notes in them and they should be sending midi notes data back to renoise. Renoise does not read data from those vst’s so I can’t link them to any instrument, right?
Is there anything I can do to make use of those piano rolls vst’s?

I find Bidule is a nice, alternative to EnergyXT as a plugin that hosts plugins.
It also works splendidly as a standalone environment to process MIDI sent from a Renoise instrument, before it is sent back to another Renoise instrument.
I’m using MacOSX and can’t speak for how well this would work using Windows or Linux,
but I use virtual MIDI cables (Bidule has 8 - which includes 4 for AudioUnits, Renoise has 1, and then there are 2 IAC Driver buses), and it works great.
Everything can be synced, and Bidule is rich with MIDI processing options, so there’s lots of playing room.
I imagine this should work with Windows based virtual cables, but it’s just a guess.

Has this bidule/energyxt thing went from WORKAROUND, to an actual method people are satisfied with? And noone misses this basic functionality? Jeez