Internal Sounds [Experimental Ambient]

Yeah this is strange one cuz no vst’s, just samples recorded from my voice with cheap pc mic, and effects from renoise and here it is. You can hear dry samples at beggining. Of cource everything was made in renoise 2.7 beta4.

Subbas, and melody are made also from my voice sample. As you know if you make clean enough uuuuu sound you can get (not perfect, but almost) sinewave. In dry samples you can hear how this uuuu sound should be. Still work in progress :)

Differend version, but almost same :)

i like this kind of stuff :) cool pad sound @ 0:54

Thx for listening. Pad is that simple aaa voice, but played in chord gives total different effect.

Nice work! I’m not so much into this kind of happier ambient stuff, but I like what you did.

Little bumping up cuz there new version of this track :) Its mostly fun, and its so much easier to manipulate samples in 2.7, big step.

I liked it, it’s as light as a summer breeze!