International Karate (80s Edit)


next remix of IK :)This time 80s instrumentals. Still not satisfied with transients… Any ideas, critics, tips?

EDIT - Final edit online now :

Still have problems to really balance the eq-ing and also getting rid of ugly resonances. This preview was too fat somehow, but the final is too thin?
Free download.

ah, and here is the chip tune edit (already posted before, just for completeness):

Also available as renoise song download here:

Very very nice work. Remind me of some old Toto songs. Really dig this man. Good one.

Hey thanks man, I’d really appreciate that. Any ideas for improvements or critics?

Currently using Synthmaster a lot, but still fiddling around with it. E.g. quality rendering settings completely change the output sound, that’s puzzling me completely. Synthmaster is so much fun to play with, comes very close to a Korg workstation (which is my absolute favorite from synth conception view, Radias is a dream). For example it has the same, or even more drive options, pre-filter, after-filter and even inside-filter, so pre-voice distortion. Pre-filter distortion is absolutely incredible for sound design imo. bla bla.

Very very nice work. Remind me of some old Toto songs. Really dig this man. Good one.

Was the first thing I thought of aswell. Awesome!

€: Also: Ragnarok Online. This is great, you got my follow good sir!

Around 0:50 in particular the 80s sound is spot-on. Very well done.

As far as criticism goes there’s something in 1:49~2:15 sounds like it’s off the beat and it throws me off a bit. It’s kind of an occasional “blorp…blorp blorp” and it’s a bit distracting from the work the guitar is doing. Edit: There were also a couple of the blorps at 0:41. Maybe they just need to be shorter? I can’t say exactly why I find them distracting.

Hey Matt, thank you for this detailed and helpful critics. I will look into it and try to improve it.

nice. didn’t notice anything out of place on laptop speakers. very richi sakamoto i thought.

Some little bugger for me: You seem to be using some slap bass sample a lot…well this is cool for 80s stuff…I guess you’re using it in a lp-filtered version partially to sim some non-slappy bass? The dig is: when pitching a high slap note down a lot, the attack gets longer and longer, and the attack has little fundamental action going on but just hi freq “wakk” stuff. The result seems to be a bass that gives impression of being delayed, off beat or whatever. Maybe this is what mattd meant? Maybe try to grab some slap sample of actually a very low note, or use a pluck instead of slap sample for the filtered ver and low notes could yield better groove?

The prob was for me here that the original tune always plays bass at the same moment as the kick. Like Rnb or so. This only worked good there since the original bass sounds extremely thin. So I do hard volume side chaining the 80s bass, because otherwise it has too much pressure. I will try to limit the side chained bass now to limit the peaks.

I like it. No criticisms, sounds well made & balanced :slight_smile:

Ah ok it’s ducking then, not a weak attack of a bass sample. I’ve just thought because I’ve had a similliar problem once upon a time. Hm, yep it’s hard to combine a punchy kick with a solid bass on the same beat without robbing each other’s power. Sometimes it’s better to rob the kick off it’s prolonged rumble below the bass note significantly and shorten it, to make it sound together like “boommmm” instead of “Bopw–mmmmm”.

Other than this detail I find it’s awesome stuff.

Just a nice chilled track! I love this kind of 80-90’ ambiance, and the add of 8bit sounds also!

thanks, updated, see 1st post.