Internet Information Management Tips?


I’ve come across a situation couple of times already where I have shitloads of bookmarks in not at all organized fashion in by bms folder. Usually it ends only when I need to do reformat and export them all into one html and never import them again cuz’ they are all messed up.

How do you organize and manage your bookmarks?

Traditional bookmark management is not sufficient anymore, I need something more heavy. Something that integrates browser or integrates into browser, has advanced categorized effective link management with workspaces or such for different subjects, so I don’t have to have f-ex- music links among studying links or so. Something like local sync with link depth and stay within domain-option and media sync and filters in it would also be super, for internet sites are bound to disappear at some point of time and that would also free me from online slavery.

The database must also be easy to back up.

What do you think?

How do you do it? is good for those blogposts/articles/websites you want to read but don’t have the time for at the moment you discover them; but which at the same time are not worth a bookmark because you will load them only once again.

I use Opera with (split view (right click into the bookmarks and look for a “view” submenu), bookmark nicks, and quick find). Obviously you have to come up with your own tree structure, but that’s always been more than enough for me.

bring out the dead!

Here you go. It’s not free, but worth it. And no, I’m not at all affiliated with them :P

What a nice set of replies already!

Jenoki, thank you for the tip. That one seems like a good one for sharing links and storing them online. Like Facebook for links only. Handy, alas still does not satisfy all my needs. Great tool still!

Others look very promising too, especially Aignes looks pretty interesting. I’m off to sleep now, hope I have time tomorrow to check those out.

Thx looza & Johann. Dunno why but I kinda thought you would be among first ones to answer.

You might find to be useful. It’s a little over $6 to join, and it’s the best online bookmarking site I’ve found (better than Delicious). If you pay $25 a year, you get a premium account, which caches every webpage you bookmark, in case the page disappears from the internet. You can also save pages in a “read later” manner, which is handy.

I have a regular (non-caching) account, and it’s really nice.

I noticed this thread sitting above a thread I made about making a wiki… and it made me think, hey, thats a viable option for storing that kinda stuff… if you’re a bit tech savvy and know how to set up Apache or IIS with php (and potentially MySQL, depending what you use) you could run your own local wiki page to keep them all…
Would be a bit of a bitch making the thing initially as there is no easy import from bookmarks -> wiki code, but I like the way wikis manage information once it’s in there…
If you’re interested and want more information post back here or pm me, couldnt be bothered digging up and compiling all the useful sites I found when researching this stuff unless it’s gunna be used by someone ;)


Not all-in one, but could have some use.

That Aignes got me really excited. Sad I don’t have the money.

I use Firefox Environment Backup Extension (FEBE) and it backs up my entire Firefox configuration without a hitch. Come format time, I dump out the config, which includes bookmarks. After the format, I install Firefox and then FEBE, re-import the backupped config and everything’s ready to go. All bookmarks, their tags and folders preserved perfectly.

Caveat: Firefox-only solution.

Thanks for mentioning this. I finally joined after having some bookmark overloads.

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I’m new at tagging. Most sites I notice use single word tags, I like crunched abstract to concrete words, ex:
audioInfo (serves as an unsorted pre concrete stage)

Also, check out