Internet Scams

If you are like me, from time to time you really get a gem of an internet email that is nothing more than a scam. Wait they are all scams in some shape or form, but this one is really fun to play with!!!

I recieved the Nigerian 419 scam email wooo whooo! The best part is playing along and asking what you need to do to transfer the money, etc. These people WILL email you back and it’s fun to play with them. Send them on a wild goose chase. Keep giving them fake routing and transit numbers. I did this a number of years ago.

If everyone wants to have fun with the person who sent me this email, be my guest.

I have included my response down below and will edit that “same” message as I get more responses and write more.

Please do the same to keep this topic tidy if possible :wink:

Here is a site that is all about having fun with these people. It is referred to as scambaiting.

Here is what was in my inbox just moments ago. Everyone have fun and share you replies in this thread. Should be hilarious.

I just recieved this urgent email!


I am the director of audit and project implementation of the Department of
Transport South Africa; I am in search of an agent
to assist me in the transfer of (USD18.5M) and subsequent investment in
properties in your country.

You will be required to

(1) Assist in the transfer of the said funds
(2) Advise on lucrative areas for investment
(3) Assist us in purchase of properties.

If you decide to render your service to us in this regard, 20% of the
total sum of USD18.5M will be for you.

Thank you and God bless, as I wait in anticipation of your fullest

Yours faithfully,

Dr Sipho.

N.B: Please endeavor to send me a response via my more

Confidential email address ( for further details.

My first response to this wanker.

This sounds like an amazing opportunity.

I am very much interested in helping you with your goal in transferring

I have an abundance of money, almost too much really, and I am always
looking for effective ways to make more so I would like you to tell me
what is required to help you transfer money so I can begin to make more!

Best wishes,

Japenis Bruzas (knew someone named this!!!)

He responded!

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for your prompt response to my mail letter of business proposal, I will be more than pleased to go into partnership with you.

Also I want to reassure you that this proposal of mine is I00% safe and legit so I will appreciate you treat it with every seriousness it deserve so that we can achieve our objective in this regards. More so, like I had initially stated in my previous mail, as soon as the funds are transferred to your account I willtravel to meet with you for the sharing and investment of my shares of the funds and to be precise I will really love to invest in property investments such as houses and homes etc.

Further more, in other for us to have the funds transferred to your account in the US, there are procedures that we need to implement such as having to launch a formal application for the payment of the said contract entitlement to the foreign payment unit
of my department who will then make a recommendation to the reserve bank to transfer the said funds to the account that you will nominate in the nearest future,
at the same time we will have to incorporate the company you would want to use for this exercise here with the department of Trade and Industry as well be able to apply for the transfer of privilege of the company I had used to secure the funds in favour of
your company. We have to follow all this procedure so that every aspect of our claim will be legit whereby you will have no difficulties in receiving the funds.

If really interested I will appreciate you furnish me with your full initials and contact numbers Tel and Fax so that I can call you and explain more of the transaction details to you so that we can proceed.

I await your prompt response.


Dr.Sipho Dube.


i usually dont bother… if i see weird subject from weird person i press DELETE and dont read the message or open tha mail…

but next time in might answer something, if im bored at the moment :)

oh shit- when i was a dope head, me and friends would bait nigerians with fake craigslist ads just to get them to send us fake checks (too lazy to make out own i guess)- then we would find some poor sucker that we didn’t like and get them to deposit the checks for us, and would give them part of the money, go buy dope and hotel rooms. A few days to a week later we would hear from the person who had deposited the check- needless to say they were never happy with us. It finally came to an end once I ended up having to talk with secret service guys down at the local detective/police station… they really do look like those dudes from the matrix- it’s pretty funny. I’m glad those days are over!