Interpolate velocity, leaving non-notes-places free?

(ffx) #1


if I have a bunch of notes, the first with tiny, and the last one with gigantic velocity, and then use the interpolation function to make the velocity progressing, it also writes the interpolated velocities at the places where no note sits. This is causing trouble in Zebra 2, since then the synth switches the note to “polyphonic aftertouch” mode, which means it doesn’t react on normal on-note-velocity anymore. This is per note in Zebra (IMHO very weird, but the devs say this is intended), and then you can’t switch Zebra back to the “usual” mode.

But not only for Zebra, also for other synths, or simply not wanting polyphonic aftertouch in between, is it possible that Renoise only writes at the notes’ places the interpolated values?