Interpolating Across Multiple Patterns

Hello, Renoise über-lords, I’m sure this has been asked before, but a very cursory forum search yielded little fruit for me, so I might as well ask. I am looking to interpolate values in a particular column, like volume or the fx column across multiple patterns in a song. Ideally I could start a selection maybe mid pattern and then end the selection in another pattern so I can interpolate transitional values without having to merge multiple patterns into one. Is this possible? Am I missing some sort of obvious feature that can do this? Thanks in advance.

I don’t think it is. In fact make a selection then change pattern and you will see you still have a selected area in the same place in pattern. Plus you could have repeated patterns so Renoise would have to ask you if you want to make unique or abort. Either merging and splitting, or working out the interim values yourself, I think is the only way to go for now.

interpolation is possible through the advanced edit tab, but you’ll encounter the limitations kazakore has mentioned. Your request is something that can be a addressed through scripting maybe…

kazakore, for some reason I wasn’t aware of the splitting feature. I knew you could merge, but I guess I only thought you could resize or copy/paste after. This will solve the problem for me, it’s merely 2 commands and does the job. I knew I was missing something obvious.


Yeah I was thinking of a scripting solution. Kind of like having two extra key commands to establish a ‘start point’ and ‘end point’ across multiple patterns. It would use the start points column and if the order was inverted, use end point as the start point.

The only annoying thing would be rewriting the interpolation functions, as it would be simply duplicating existing functionality (unless those are part of the API, but I don’t remember seeing them on first glance)

I earlier found out that the ‘split’ portion of the merge/split mentioned above is actually performed as an add on found in the Tools.

However, this only splits into 2, and I have updated the plugin to split evenly into x number of patterns with automation preserved.

Above is my initial version posted to the forums if you are interested.